In case you missed it: In last night's game against the Phillies, Giants Pitcher Ramon Ramirez sent a fastball high and inside where it landed squarely in the back of Philadelphia's Shane Victorino. Of course, the boys from Philly don't take kindly to that sort of shenanigans and quickly cleared the bench for a sixth inning dustup. As far as baseball fights go, this awkward mass of uniforms is pretty good, especially when everyone stands around kind of poking each other while Victorino strolls around fuming. Be sure to watch Eli Whiteside tackle Placido Palanco around the 20 second mark.

And speaking of Eli Whiteside, the catcher made a great barehanded catch off a bunt attempt. The Giants still lost 9-2 though. That's 10 out of the last 15 they've let slip.

(Apologies for the bootleg video, but CSN is not a fan of embeddable clips apparently.)