NYC-based Skillshare, a community marketplace in which you can "learn anything from anyone" offline, in a casual setting and on the cheap, just announced the service is going to soon be available in San Francisco. They anticipate it catching on even more here than it has in New York.

To celebrate, Skillshare is having a Show & Tell, or what they like to call "[a]n event masked as a class masked as a party masked as an opportunity to meet brilliant, curious, and wonderful folks in your local community," on Monday, August 15, at the Summit. RSVP here. The event will feature "three (3) remarkable folks teaching three (3) awesome topics in less than five (5) minutes each."

Some upcoming Skillshare SF classes include Become a Tea Master, Farmers Market Boot Camp, and Building a Product-Focused Startup Culture.

Interested in trying out your teaching chops? Teach a class!