When SFist caught a glimpse of this sign in front of Luscious Wear on Polk yesterday, we first noticed no connection to Burning Man the event but were instead forced to imagine burning man loins, something we'd rather not imagine on Polk Street.

Once we realized the dual meaning, we were left wondering whether it was intentionally clever or brilliantly ignorant. (We're also not sure it matters.)

Also, we hope you already have tickets to your Burning Man.

Addendum: With highly synchronistic timing, SFist's Western HQ received a press release about an hour ago from Good Vibrations, who boast a location just up the street from Luscious, hawking their Burning Man Safer Sex Kit. The kit includes "[a] 2 oz. bottle of Swiss Navy Lube, Ten medium Nitrile gloves, 10 condoms and 4 dental dams, as well as a 42 count pack of Swipes all-natural, unscented intimate wipes."

May we also recommend the Earth Angel Hand-powered Vibrator? It features a charming hand crank -- eight minutes of crank time gets you an hour of power. Get crankin'!