Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo is so certain that this is the design of the iPhone 5 that he promised to wax his entire body and only eat vegetarian for a month if it's not. That's a pretty big, very painful bet. But he's certain. Why? According to Gizmodo, "this is not the iPhone 5," but instead most likely a crafty reproduction from a factory in Shenzhen, China where exhausted labor are currently in the process of making the actual iPhone 5. Presumably.

Diaz goes on to explain:

In China, many products are often cloned before they even reach the market—based either on digital blueprints or models sneaked out by workers when the products are already in production. That's the reason you see cases and cloned replacement parts of the iPhone or iPad models before they even get released.

Given that the iPhone 5 is probably being churned out of the factories as we speak—either in limited production runs or ramping up—I wouldn't be surprised if someone got a prototype and sold it to some enterprising pirate company.

Anyway, using a bit of both phones, it looks like the 3G and 4G had a baby. Sadly, the screen looks the same size. A larger screen would be nice. Very nice. But still, like all things Apple, it sure does look pretty. What about you, do you think this is the new iPhoine 5 design? And do you like it?

The new iPhone is rumored to be officially announced later this year.