In the latest news around the proposed circumcision ban, a San Francisco Superior Court Judge has tentatively ruled that the proposed ordinance should not be allowed on the November ballot.

Although there are plenty of reasons why the ban was unnecessary, Judge Loretta Giorgi said in a preliminary ruling yesterday that the proposed ban would attempt to regulate a medical procedure at the local level, which isn't allowed under state law. In other words, even in the unlikely event that (ahem) intactivist groups garnered enough support to get the bill passed (which: nope) it would have been immediately invalidated anyhow.

A spokeswoman for the Jewish Community Relations Council reiterated the more hateful side of the proposed measure while rightly pointing out, "“Even if it made the ballot, we don’t believe it would have passed."

Given her passionate speech yesterday, Judge Giorgi's tentative ruling is expected to remain solid after the closing statements this morning. At the same time, head intactivist Lloyd Schofield was expected to make an appearance at the hearing to give final lip service to his ballot measure with an oral argument.

And now we may have finally run out of dick jokes. We'll be sorry to see you go, proposed circumcision ban.

Update: After this morning's hearing, Judge Giorgi handed down her official ruling. As expected, we won't be seeing the circumcision ban on the ballot this November.

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