John Avalos: San Francisco's League of Pissed Off Voters has stepped up (or jumped the gun, depending on how you look at it) and named the progressive candidate/oldies DJ as their official endorsement for Mayor. To celebrate, the League is expecting the candidate to drop in on their usual monthly happy hour tonight at Thieves Tavern in the Mission tonight from 6 - 9 p.m. The League occasionally springs for pizza, so we're not quite sure what everyone is so pissed about. Details.

Joanna Rees continues her tour of San Francisco neighborhoods with two very different stops this week. This evening, the milky-white ladycandidate will stop by The Creamery at 4th & Townsend around 6:30 p.m. for Talk of the Neighborhood Mission Bay. Then, on Saturday, she'll be down in the Bayview at Frisco Fried at 11 a.m. for another conversation about San Francisco's future. She's buying the coffee and donuts. Details.

Bevan Dufty and David Chiu: the former supe and the current supe will be getting down at Rasselas Jazz Club on Fillmore this Thursday evening along with District Attorney candidate David Onek. The event is hosted by the African American Democratic Club and if you're not already sweet on Dufty or Chiu's charming personalities, you could always down a couple glasses of the bar's honey wine. Details.

John Avalos and Phil Ting The SF Women's Political Committee event we mentioned last week was listed with the wrong date on the group's facebook page. If you're a woman, or at least someone who supports women (that should be all of you), you can still make it to this Thursday's event featuring Phil Ting and John Avalos. It is unfortunately still happening at Nobel Bar on Polk Street, but they've created a signature cocktail just for the event. It's called a Mayoral Mixer, which we assume is made with one part political experience and two parts cash, strained over an icy voter population and garnished with a big fat ego. Details.

Ross Mirkarimi: Sure, the D5 supe is running for Sheriff, not Mayor, but his fundraising event a "Comedy Variety Show" seems worthy of a mention. It happens this Friday at Carnelian by the Bay (behind the Ferry Building) from 6 - 9 p.m. and features several local comedians who we have never heard of, but we're sure are all very hilarious. Be warned that Ross will personally hit you up for money, although in a polite way. Details.