What authorities initially claimed as a justifiable self-defense killing, SFPD now says that Kenneth Harding died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. "Police had originally said Harding had turned and fired at the officers, who returned fire and fatally struck him," reports SF Appeal. "However, the bullet believed to have killed Harding was removed from his head by the medical examiner, who discovered it was a .380-caliber bullet, which is not consistent with the service ammunition used by San Francisco police."

Police also suggest that "they also found an unused .380-caliber bullet in the right jacket pocket of Harding."

According to the Chronicle, whether or not the act was intentional is still under investigation.

Saturday's shooting sparked small protests and community concern around the city, including a meeting with Police Chief Greg Suhr that ended with the leader being booed off stage by angry Bayview residents.

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