It's so sunny out. Why would you want newsprint all over your fingers when you have sunblock to apply? Please accept, as a token of our love for you, this roundup of links to the web versions of this week's alt-weekly stories worth reading.

SF Weekly

Worth Reading: Jonathan Kauffman's review of the latest incarnation of Bar Tartine, under chef Nick Balla (formerly of Nombe), which is almost a rave, and Kauffman's beat Michael Bauer to the punch on this one. To wit: "Balla's food is as dramatic and complex as what Commonwealth and Sons + Daughters are serving, without the modernist trickery they delight in."

Funny: This week's special "Rolling Paper" insert (note: newsprint does not make for good rolling paper), where they now have ads for all the city's dispensaries, and in which they've got a marijuana-related content that may or may not have been sponsored detailing the myriad ways one can now consume their medically endorsed THC. Did you know that SPARC is now selling cannabis-infused chili-lime peanuts? You do now.

Also, they've launched a Faux Willie Brown column, written by Faux Willie Brown.

Don't Bother: ... with this half-hearted exposé on Leland Yee and all his ethical lapses of the past. He's not going to win the mayorship anyway.