Dolores Park's Truffle Guy has delivered his special brand of magic to jonesing park denizens for quite some time. Now you can get a t-shirt featuring the noted drug dealer, making you the envy of your stoner pals. Made out of 50% cotton and 50% recycled polyester, you can score this gem for a mere $35 over at Turk + Taylor.

For those looking to get high, Truffle Guy has a most excellent Yelp score and can be found at the park on crowded afternoons. A few notable reviews:

"My late afternoons at DP are wonderfully complete once the truffle guy enters the park. A perfect afternoon delight to cruise me into the evening and not care that my friends want to go dancing and I might not be able to feel my knees the next morning." - Alice A.

"Love this guy. Want him to have my truffle babies." - Gay G.

"They come in six flavors. I especially enjoyed the pecan. Thanks Trevor 'Truffle Guy' for making a lovely picnic in the park even lovelier." - JT T.

"Holy bejeezus, his truffles are UH-MAY-ZING. They are rich and delicious, and he gives you a discount if you buy three! I've tried espresso and coconut, and I'd have to say the espresso truffle took the cake (and took me to another level)." - Kristy H.

"I am a cynical New Yorker but this guy is the fucking bomb." - Emily I.