Oh dear. A protest is planned today in Dolores Park over the shooting death of murder suspect Kenneth Harding, 19, who was killed by SFPD officers in Bayview on Saturday after evading fare and using a firearm. Even the more left among us are cocking their eyebrows at this alleged civil rights protest. Kevin Montgomery from Uptown Almanac notes:

Now, I've been alive long enough to not trust the police when they claim a victim fired the first shot (remember Mehserle claiming he thought Oscar Grant was reaching for a gun?), and I do believe everyone deserves their constitutionally-guaranteed fair trial. It also seems excessively inhumane for the police to just let the guy bleed out on the sidewalk with their guns drawn and refuse him any medical assistance. But this man doesn't strike me as a character to prop up as a civil rights victim.

As Montgomery also points out, today's protest also comes with handy hashtags your your convenience: #fuckthepolice, #munimurderer, #killercops, #SFPD, #bayview.