The San Francisco medical examiner's office has identified the victim in Sunday's officer-involved shooting as Charles Hill, a 45-year-old man without a permanent residence. A spokesman for the coroner told the Bay Citizen that Hill was identified when his fingerprints were found in "a database", but declined to reveal which sort of database that was. Meanwhile, authorities from the BART Police have stated they intend to release footage from a surveillance camera in Civic Center station as soon as they have had time to interview all 40 witnesses of the incident.

As of yesterday evening, all but a dozen of those witnesses had been questioned. One of them, speaking to the Bay Citizen, claimed the man "just looked like a drunk hippie," rather than someone who posed a real threat to the officers on the platform.

Still, BART PD intends to release the camera footage as soon as they turn over the case to District Attorney's office, assuming the DA doesn't see any conflict with their own investigation.