Apparently the holiday weekend wasn't completely successful for a couple of light aircraft pilots in the Bay Area. One flight out of San Carlos Airport ended in an emergency landing on the 280 near Woodside on Sunday, while a seaplane taking off near Sausalito ended up sinking in to the Bay Friday evening.

In Friday's seaplane incident, a 75-year-old Mill Valley pilot named Ricky and a friend were leaving a music festival in Sausalito in Ricky's hydroplane. (Think: boat with wings instead of plane with pontoons.) Witnesses having a casual dinner at Horizons restaurant nearby said it looked like the men were just "cruising around having some fun in a boat-plane," when the aircraft skipped on a passing wake and took a nosedive back in to the water. As the plane sank in to the waters of Richardson Bay, Ricky and his pal scrambled on to the wings until a passing boat could pick them up. Apparently the two men were "shaken, but unharmed." No word yet on whether anybody spotted Ricky slamming back oyster shooters before deciding to fly home, but KTVU has the eyewitness video of the failed takeoff.

Later in the weekend, a Cessna 210 flying out of San Carlos Airport on a "photo mission" experienced a mechanical failure and was forced to make an emergency landing on a stretch of Interstate 280 near Farm Hill Boulevard in Woodside. On his approach 53-year-old pilot Scott Bohannon smashed the aircraft's landing gear through the rear window of a 2009 Mercedes coupe that was headed North at time. We imagine the driver, one Wendy Kwan of Sausalito, wasn't exactly expecting her drive home to turn in to a scene from an action move, but thankfully no one was injured in the incident. The Benz had to be towed away, but a passerby on the 280 shot some shaky video footage (embedded below) of the Cessna parked on the shoulder of the highway.