The summer months mixed with 4th of July revelry, at least in one case, sparked two blazes over the holiday weekend. First, a three-alarm fire nearly destroyed five duplex units over on the 4000 block of Mission in the Mission on Monday. An estimated 25 residents were displaced after the blaze. One person was treated at a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation, reports CBS 5, as well as two dogs. "Paramedics put oxygen masks on...two Cocker Spaniels before animal control transported them for treatment." The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Over on the 100 block of Mitchell Avenue near SFO, fireworks may have helped destroy a lot full of rental cars. "As many as 37 rental cars were consumed by flames Sunday afternoon after a grassy parking lot used by a rental car company caught on fire -- possibly because of fireworks," reports SF Examiner.