After last week saw some tension rising between Supervisors Mirkarimi and Elsbernd, we're kind of excited to see if anyone gets punched in the throat at tomorrow's meeting. Elsbernd snubbing Mirkarimi on the Deputy Sheriff's Association endorsement probably isn't helping those two work things out either. Potential fistfights aside, here's what we're looking at for tomorrow's board meeting:

Boring: Items 1 - 22, 36 and 37 are final readings of Memorandums of Understanding between the city and various trade groups, professional associations and labor unions.

Settlements: Items 26 - 28 are all settlements of lawsuits or claims totaling $585,000 in payouts from the City and County.

Items 31 - 33: AT&T Lightspeed Network Improvements - This thing has been kicking along since April when AT&T provided us with free pizza and a pre-written script for public comment. Now the board has a chance to either allow the 726 utility boxes (graffiti magnets!) on the sidewalk without an Environmental Impact Report, or let AT&T proceed to provide some competition to Comcast in the digital TV and Internet service department. Supervisor Elsbernd is all for it (he wanted to vote back in April), but Supervisor Wiener rightfully wanted to avoid rushing to a decision. From a lobbying standpoint, the Examiner reports AT&T has been using the delay to keep negotiations open with the Board.

Item 38: Special Use District for Booker T. Washington Community Center This was passed on first reading last week, but not before it led to some heated public comment and discussion that tried to get at the heart of NIMBYism. It also caused some handwringing when Ross Mirkarimi and Mark Farrell crossed streams over jurisdiction.

Items 39 - 41: Establishing a Bayview Hunters Point Executive Park - If passed, the subsequent Bayview/Hunters Point Executive park will be a nice place for all the startups to move once they outgrow their South Park-adjacent converted garages.

Item 49 - 50: Cruise Terminal Security System - approve and spend $7.7 million from the Port Security Grant Program fund and another $1.6 million from a Homeland Security grant for a security system at the Pier 27 Cruise Ship Terminal.

Item 51: Charter Amendment regarding City Retirement Benefits and Health Care Benefits - adjusts some of the retirement benefits for current city employees, creates a new retirement plan for employees hired starting in 2012 and requires elected officials to pay in to the retirement fund, among other things.

From the Clerk's Mailbag:

  • A report from the Superior Court of SF City and County titled "San Francisco’s Ethics Commission: The Sleeping Watchdog”
  • A letter from the Mayor's office designating Supervisor Scott Wiener as Acting-Mayor on June 16, 2011, until June 19, 2011.
  • A letter from one James Corrigan, concerning the investigation of deadly fires that take place between 10:00 a.m. and noon.
  • A letter from Terry McManus, regarding animal rights.
  • 9 letters urging the Board to end Sit-Lie
  • 3 letters opposing the Parkmerced project.
  • One letter from Bill Casey regarding a ban on goldfish.

The full board agenda is available here and the meeting thing kicks off at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. For those of you who like to follow along from home, you can stream it live on