The Tamale Lady, noted purveyor of savory foods for the drunken sect, celebrates her birthday tonight. And you're invited! FunCheapSF has the important details: "It’s free to enjoy a live performance by the Goat Family Jug Band and a screening of the rockumentary Our Lady of Tamale, about the guest of honor herself, but a $10 donation gets you all-you-can-drink beer, birthday cake and the Tamale Lady’s homemade chicken mole and pasta salad."

The night also doubles as yet another "Save KUSF" thingamajig, but...that seems to be a done deal at this point, yes? Yes. Doneski. Whatever.

Anyway, show the Tamale Lady some love at Zeitgeist (199 Valencia) from 6-10 p.m.

(via Mission Mission)