Due to the refreshingly gorgeous weather we're having -- from the windows outside SFist headquarters on busy Third Street, it seems that many of you took the day off; it's practically barren outside! -- many folks took to boating in the Bay over the weekend. One incident in particular resulted in a family's boat being capsized. You see, during a Father's Day cruise in the water on Sunday, a father and his two kids had to be "rescued 500 yards south of Ballena Bay in Alameda when their 19-foot aluminum boat capsized before 11:40 a.m."

Luckily, the family were treated and released with minor injuries.

The second scary moment happened in Stinson Beach. KTVU reports: "Father’s Day outings to the waters of Stinson Beach were interrupted Sunday when a patrolling U.S. Coast Guard helicopter spotted an 8-to-10 foot great white shark swimming toward the shore, authorities said."

The great white measured "between 8 and 10 feet" and it was traveling south. Beware.