The Haines Gallery is showing work by a wide range of alt-photographers, including images by Abelardo Morell, who converts full-sized rooms into camera obscuras, photograms by Shi Guorui and Wendy Small, pinhole pictures by SFIA alum Jo Babcock, chemigrams (which combine the physics of painting and the chemistry of photography) by Pierre Cordier, and ethereal daguerreotypes by Binh Danh.

And the Rayko Photo Center has a juried show of new work featuring images made without cameras, film, pixels or the usual means of capturing light, including "gunpowder explosions. Iridescent dead birds. Cicada husks. Saliva. Human bodies falling from the sky. Decomposing squids emitting phosphorescence. Dolls with x-ray vision. And of course, gum." Of course.

So leave your SLR or point-and-shoot at home and check out some other interesting ways to look at the world.

Science of Sight: Alternative Photography
Daily through July 16th
Haines Gallery
49 Geary Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco

No Mirrors: A Juried Camera-less Photography Show
Daily through July 31st
RayKo Photo Center
428 Third Street, San Francisco