Today in useless law enforcement news: The City Attorney's office has reached a settlement with five smoke shops around town which it sued for selling illegal drug paraphernalia, namely crack pipes. An injunction begins today requiring these shops to stop selling crack pipes, and to keep 80% of their front windows clear so that passing police officers can see what they're selling inside.

The SFPD will now begin their crackdown, but the weird part is that this injunction only applies to these five smoke shops, and is intended as a "signal" to all the others to stop their dirty crack-pipe selling. But as the owner of one of the targeted shops in Ingleside tells KTVU, "Everybody got, I mean, what we got."

So yeah, you hear that smokeshops across the Mission/Tenderloin/everywhere else!? Watch out! The city just might single you out one day, or not. And you hear that crack smokers?! You might have to glue that broken pipe you found in the gutter back together, or else walk a few extra blocks to buy a new one.