While bed bugs are nothing new to New York City, other major cities should heed the big apple's warning. Like, for example, San Francisco. According to a recent list, Baghdad by the Bay was ranked the 10th most bed bug-ridden city in the U.S. The list is as follows:

1. New York
2. Cincinnati
3. Detroit
4. Chicago
5. Philadelphia
6. Denver
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Los Angeles
9. Boston
10. San Francisco
11. Columbus, Ohio
12. Dayton, Ohio
13. Baltimore
14. Louisville, Ky.
15. Dallas


According to USA Today, the country all "reports an increase in bed bug infestations in most states during the past year, in part because consumers are more aware and on the lookout for the tiny pests."

What can you do to avoid getting bitten of infested by bed bugs? Well, since DDT is banned, not much. But Be a few good non-lethal tips are: being careful when bringing traveling bags and clothes back into your home from a trip (wash them well!); when stay at hotels, "strip covers off the mattress and [inspect] it and the area behind the headboard and under box springs for dark spots (bed bug fecal matter), blood (from a feeding), the bugs themselves (which can range from head-of-a-pin size to appleseed-like), or for rows of tiny eggs"; and don't use hotel dresser drawers.

Here are some more facts about bedbugs.