When we first got wind that former San Francisco Mayor / current Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom moved to Marin, our first thought was, "Oh God, which town?" Everything in Marin, you see, hinges upon which town one dwells. Corte Madera is middle class by Marin standards. Tiburon is new money. Mill Valley is for Beth Spotswood. Novato is the black sheep. Sausalito is for glass beach art. San Rafael is where the county jail is. And Strawberry Village is where one can find a Strawberry shake at In-N-Out. So, where does someone as chiseled and powerful as Newsom call home? According to Matier & Ross, Newsom and his clan have moved to the city of Ross.

Ross is where old money and where fancy (fancy for Northern California, anyway) Marinites live. A few notable residents: Huey Lewis, Phil Lesh, Stephan Pastis, Julia Child and Sean Penn have all called Ross home at one point or another. (The latter resident built a massive house across the street from the polie station after his now ex-wife, Robin Wright-Penn, received a visit from a stalker. We find this act both chivalrous and endlessly charming.)

Matier & Ross report:

It seems that the four-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath home that Newsom and wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom purchased two years ago for $2.7 million is just not big enough anymore now that a second little Newsom is on the way.

So, the family is pulling up stakes for the summer and moving into Jennifer's parents' five-bedroom, five-bath home in the Marin County town of Ross.

Back in 2009, the Newsoms purchased a home in Ashbury Heights. Reports came out that, just a month ater moving in, someone "promptly defecate and urinate on their doorstep," hiding the real story that someone allegedly broke into their home and actually smeared human shit on couches and walls.

SFist wishes the Newsoms a comparatively fecal-free life in Ross.