Presented (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order, our favorite utterances from the June issue of San Francisco's most exclusive news magazine. This month's theme is: Fathers, Men, Weddings and Summer. Observe:

  • "Father’s Day and men in general come to mind as the warmer weather brings our male population out to play, with thoughts of boating, excursions, and endless rounds of golf. Of course, you’ll find interesting feature stories inside along all those lines." - Publisher Lois Lehrman's Letter to Our Readers, page 1.

  • "Platoon and Saving Private Ryan are two of the many war movies that bring back memories and images to those who were on the front lines themselves. In fact, these movies can even serve as a form of inexpensive therapy, especially when shared with a loved one." - Director and movie critic Jan Wahl in "Men's Movies... No Such Thing!", web exclusive.

  • "Watches are to men what rings are to women—instant transmitters of taste, sensibility, and bankability. For men willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a little clock, wearing a wristwatch is less about telling the time—there are cell phones for that—and more about demonstrating one’s tribe and treasure." - Jennifer Raiser's "Watch Out — What Makes A Man Tick", page 9. [Note: Expert use of the em dash]

  • "Two minor gripes: first, the owner’s manual is printed on cheap paper... Second, the nameplate on the front reads only F-L-E-X. If I had built this car, I’d be so proud of it, I’d want my name on it: F-O-R-D." - Martin Swig, describing the Ford Flex in this months Wheels column, "Collector Cars Broke Their Makers", page 20.

  • "Aside from gravitating to sporting goods shops, a man shopping for himself is likely to be most comfortable in the world of men’s clothiers, where quality is often associated with a reassuring conservatism. At the Financial District’s venerable, family-owned Cable Car Clothiers, this is especially evident." - Pamela Troy in the "Manning Up" Neighborhood Retail Report, page 18.

  • "We sent correspondent and etiquette expert Lisa Grotts to London to get a curbside perspective of the Royal Wedding. She wrote this dispatch on the plane ride home." - An editor (we assume) introducing Lisa Mirza Grotts' punny "Crowds, Gown, Crown!", page 12.

  • "During the ceremony, we watched at the Ritz Piccadilly, across Green Park from Buckingham Palace, with our hats and gloves in place. The hotel hosted an elegant wedding brunch, complete with Champagne, traditional British canapés, and Eton mess, a dessert named after the boarding school the prince attended... On our right sat bespoke tailor Geoffrey Golding, who holds a royal warrant from the queen. His marigold-colored uniforms were worn by horsemen in the parade and have become exemplars of military tailoring." - Lisa Mirza Grotts in her "Crowds, Gown, Crown!" dispatch from the royal wedding in London, page 12.

  • "With a visual cacophony of land and sea sports activity in the background, how can younger aquatic aficianados, the surf and sailing crowd, enjoy water sports on a budget? Specifically, how can a young person catch a ride on a multi-hull sailboat? A key impact of America’s Cup 34 will be a longing for seaward activity, even when it seems out of reach in terms of affordability." - Former US Merchant Mariner, Ted Willian Regan in "This Water Sporting Life", page 22.

  • "Let’s get things into perspective. There’s a huge sporting event coming to San Francisco, and it’s not the America’s Cup in 2013." - David Fleishhacker reminding us that the US Open Golf Tournament ("probably the biggest golf tournament in the world") is coming to San Francisco's Olympic Club in "Open Season", page 21.

  • "Since this happens to be June, named for Juno, Roman goddess of marriage, we thought we’d ask a few couples to share their secrets of marital longevity and if, after 40 or 50 years of togetherness, they expect their relationship to last. Most were optimistic." - Merla Zellerbach, introducing "For Better, For Worse, For - ever?", page 6.

Bonus Willie Brown sighting: with girlfriend Sonya Molodetskaya at the buildOn benefit in the Westin St. Francis. Page 11.