The Red Vic Movie House will be holding their final screening this summer unless some generous patron of neighborhood theaters steps in to save the venerable Upper Haight institution. KQED reports that recent fundraising attempts and even the strong local film community haven't done enough to keep the theater from going under. As Claudia Lehan, one of operators of the theater, puts it: "We're hoping for a miracle. But it's not looking good... We need George Lucas or Pixar or somebody really big to step in and we haven’t found them yet."

With George Lucas off hiding in his Presidio Death Star, the real tragedy here is that San Francisco will no longer have a place to host regular midnight screenings of "the Citizen Kane of bad movies": The Room. Where will the legions of obsessive fans get their Tommy Wiseau fix? (Sidenote: if you haven't seen it, it truly is a masterpiece of terribleness. You should go this weekend and also leave a massive monetary donation.)

For those who care about alternative popcorn seasonings, it's also the only movie house we know of to offer dustings of nutritional yeast. So, to help us all mourn the loss appropriately, theater operators have set their final screening for July 25th when they'll close out a 30-year run with Hal Ashby's classic Harold & Maude.

[The Bold Italic]