Former KPIX news anchor and Emmy Award-winner John Kessler felt the need to apologize on Facebook today after announcing his new gig at NBC Bay Area, which, ridiculously, managed to upset some of his future on-air colleagues. Kessler writes:

It's been an interesting couple of days. I jumped the gun in announcing my going to NBC Bay Area. I was hoping you'd follow me there.. instead, I caused a real ruckus in their newsroom. While posting on LinkedIn, I left my position as "anchor." That, understandabl[y], didn't sit well with the NBC Bay Area anchors. My mistake. My apologies to them. Noted both here and on LinkedIn, I wasn't sure what I'd be doing.. It was a freelance position. Because of the turmoil I caused, my going to NBC Bay Area will be "reassessed" in a few weeks.

I apologize to my colleagues at 11.. and to you.

That's just silly. Kessler was great at KPIX. From what little we know about him, we do know that he was beloved by much of the KPIX staff. Also, it's an understandable mistake, saying that he'd be anchoring the news and not working freelance. Whatever. NBC Bay Area anchors have yet to publicly atone for taking part in those excruciating promos in the style of The Office. No one's hands are clean.

Media follower Rich Lieberman takes things one step further, defending Kessler thusly:

My reaction? Oh guys, give me a break. You're going to "reaccess" Kessler's hiring. Really? You might as well reaccess everything down there.

Hell, I'd reassess too. Have you seen your ratings?Can you guys read the room--get a grip and pay attention.

If you're going to castigate a new hire, don't mess with Kess. He's a good guy and he has a huge following. Women like him--men too. That usually adds up to bigger numbers and better demos--can you relate to that?

The big question remaining: Who threw a diva fit that prompted this silly reassessment? Jessica Aguirre? Mary Babbitt? Laura Garcia-Cannon? Brent Cannon? Diane Dwyer? Or... ?