News broke in Los Angeles this morning that an LAPD SWAT Team surrounded an East Hollywood apartment building and arrested one of the men suspected of attacking Giants fan Bryan Stow on opening day at Dodger Stadium back in March. According to the LA Times, neighbors watched as a bald, tattooed man matching descriptions and sketches previously released by authorities was removed from the apartment. The suspect did not appear to be resisting arrest.

After the reward for information in the case topped out at $200,000 and 200 billboards plastered with sketches of the suspects went up around LA, authorities down South received around 500 leads, according to a report from KTVU. Stow is currently receiving care at SF General Hospital for the brain damage sustained during the attack. His doctors, including Chief of Neurology Dr. Geoff Manley, report that he has started to show signs of improvement and basic motor functions.

Update: In conference an afternoon press in LA, Mayor Villaraigoso and Police Chief Charlie Beck mentioned they will not be releasing the suspect's name until LAPD has a chance to pursue leads for the second suspect as well as the driver of the vehicle the two attackers fled the scene in. Chief Beck mentioned his department is very confident they've apprehended the right person and the tip that led to the suspect's arrest came from a local parole officer.

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