In what will hopefully be the final update on the Yellow Pages ban until it actually takes effect in 2012, the Board of Supervisors voted 9-1 in favor of David Chiu's legislation this afternoon. (Only ten votes because Campos is out today.) Chiu once again defended his legislation, reminding everyone that it's not really a "ban" so much as it is changing phone book delivery to be an opt-in service.

Chiu also told the board the the opt-out system that has been proposed wouldn't help achieve the goal of cutting down wasted phonebooks because it "goes against human inertia." That's just a nice way of telling us we're lazy, but it also kind of explains why we don't use phonebooks anymore. Supervisor Sean Elsbernd stuck to his guns and provided the sole dissenting vote on principal. He did mention that he was moved by Chiu's speech though, so there's that.