Of course, says Joe Kukura of Exercising While Intoxicated, one should conceal sweet nectar while running this month's Bay to Breaker's race. Even though getting lit could land you in pretend jail (or, far worse, land you and your naked butt a cameo appearance on SFist), it might also result in loads of good times. For those of you who plan on imbibing during next week's zany race on May 15th, Kukura suggests the following:

And let’s not be irresponsible — if you are going to drink alcohol in public, it is common courtesy to at least conceal it in a little brown paper bag. Or anything. When you are visibly and blatantly drinking from the bottle, keg, or can in which your booze was sold to you, you’re asking for trouble.

There are a number of common and ingenious ways to conceal alcohol. Many of you already know these, but others of you probably do not have a habit of sneaking alcohol around on an everyday basis. Several of these alcohol concealment methods are uniquely geared towards runners. Many of them are insanely cheap on Amazon, and you could easily have them by Sunday for your booze-drenched run.

He goes on to recommend such tools as a flask, Nalgene container, a wine pack, among other things, for easier jogging-while-toasting merriment. Personally like pouring vodka inside a well-rinsed, non-aerosol bottle of Clairol hairspray. No teen at cheerleading camp is set without one, and neither are you.

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