Many unregistered people are wondering if they should still crash San Francisco's Bay to Breakers this year without a valid registration. The answer, according to former SFist contributor Joe Kukura, is a resounding yes. Creator of the infamous Bay to Breakers race course liquor store map, Kukura kicks off B2B week with Why You Should Still Crash Bay to Breakers Even Though It’s Sold Out, an article that's sure to send organizers panicking.

I would imagine many of you still-unregistered boozebags are apprehensive about running this year’s 100th Bay to Breakers. Registration is sold out. They are threatening that drunk people will be detained in tents. They are threatening that unregistered runners will be “subject to criminal prosecution.” This while they are declining runners an opportunity to purchase a registration, and on the race’s historic 100th running at that. This is obviously an outrage.

Kukura goes on to obliterated myths about the race, answering such questions as: Will organizers really crack down this year? (Probably not.) Is it too late to get a race number? (Nope. Craigslist is full of 'em!) WIll they have a more organized start line to discourage people from crashing? (What do you think?) Crashers, are they really a threat to public safety? (Not as much as you'd think.) And more.

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