Because the team sucked so bad last year, the Niners got a decent position for the first round of the NFL draft last night. Picking seventh overall, the team snagged up Aldon Smith a linebacker from Mizzou who previously described the feeling of sacking a quarter back as: "like a kiss from a girl you like a lot." With Aldon Smith on the roster, that brings the 49ers to a grand total of five Smiths, none of whom are very good at being quarterbacks. Coach Harbaugh has already gone on record to discuss where he sees this latest Smith bolstering last year's wimpy defense.

The draft's second round kicks off this afternoon and the team is expected to go after a quarterback for real this time. Although, the current top QB prospect is Andy Dalton from Texas Christian, so at least one member of SFist editorial staff is secretly hoping another team snags him up first. Because this town's just not big enough for the both of us. Anyhow, the team will be livestreaming from inside their draft HQ starting at 3 p.m.