At yesterday's meeting, the Board of Supervisors delayed their decision on whether or not to call for an Environmental Impact Review of AT&T's proposed high-speed broadband infrastructure improvements. Although we won't get a ruling from the board for another month, AT&T showed up at City Hall prepared to arm the masses starving for U-Verse TV with some handy speaking points they could use to show "their" support during the Public Comment section. (They also provided free cold pizza and warm diet coke, but that's neither here nor there.) Anyhow, presented now without any further commentary, our five favorite speaking points taken directly from AT&T's three-page handout distributed at last night's hearing:

  • "Why should a small group of residents (the appellants) determine the fate of technology for the entire city? I want faster broadband and I want a choice in video."

  • "Do not take away our right to cutting edge technology. In this economy, I want every tool I can to stay current and not be disadvantaged in any way. Please do the right thing."

  • "As far as offerings for television service go, U-Verse is excellent. In addition to bringing top-tier service to San Franciscans, it will also provide competition to providers already here, which will improve quality and offerings.

  • "I'm tired of having no real competition to cable. More than 260 California cities, including Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose already have U-Verse and are receiving the benefits of choice. We want competitive choices in this City. Vote to bring us the choice."

  • "I would like to have a real alternative to Cable. One that can bring me superfast Internet speeds, integrated digital phone service, HD TV programming, and OnDemand movies. I hope you will choose to block the appeal rather than block consumer choice."

Nailed it! Great work, AT&T PR, those are very organic statements and don't sound anything at all like a commercial.

The SFAppeal and the Chronicle have more on the five-hour hearing that ended in a 10-1 vote in favor of delaying the EIR decision.

And for the curious, the free pizza was from the Front Room and they thoughtfully provided veggie: