It's great to see the Castro district get media overage outside of a moving sandwich shop. Furthermore, it's even better to see an activist (one who doesn't need to make fake threats about vomiting on food trucks) get mainstream media coverage. Take, for example, Michael Petrelis. The noted activist/blogger received major ink in two publications today (SF Chronicle and SF Weekly) after his story about the stronghold the Merchants of Upper Market & Castro have on the rainbow flag, and their refusal to lower it at halfmast after Liz Talyor's death, went live. (To catch you up: the Castro rainbow flag, while impaled in public property, is paid for and lorded over by the MUMC, a private organization. Requests to fly the flag at halfmast, which has only happened seven times, get turned down on a regular basis.)

Petrelis' most recent flag lowering request revolves around Harvey Milk Day, 5/22. Read all about it at Petrelis Files.