While news that AOL's Arianna Huffington plans to dip her toes in the crowded Bay Area media pool is nothing new, she went into further detail about a looing SF HuffPo. Huffington revealed the following tidbit to Nick Lucchesi of Westword at at a launch party last night in Dever:

​WW: Where do you want to expand next?

AH: We're looking at San Francisco. They have a lot of Patches. We're putting MapQuest into everything we're doing, whether it's food or art or architecture. Everything you need to know when you go on a trip. We can also offer editorial content to people when they search for restaurants, amusement parks, art galleries on their vacations.


When asked about possibly compensating bloggers from their work, the following exchange occurred:

WW: Do you think that the bloggers who blogged for free for Huffington Post deserve any sort compensation in the wake AOL's acquisition of Huffington Post?

AH: The Huffington Post and AOL are two things: a journalistic enterprise that pays great wages and benefits, and they're a platform. And as a platform, we are basically inviting people who want to blog and who clear the bar of quality, to blog and use that platform to disseminate their ideas, their books, their movies.

Thanks for (sorta) clearing that up, Arianna!

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