Mark Pincus, the man who gave the world FarmVille and the CEO of highly successful social gaming company Zynga, has filed a restraining order against one Vera Svechina, a former stripper from Russia and sometimes filmmaker who also appears obsessed with Steve Jobs and the cofounders of Google, cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. As Business Insider reports, Svechina started leveling threats against Pincus and his family and even visited his home twice in one week, but we're curious about the backstory here.

Pincus tells a San Francisco court that Svechina was dating an unnamed friend of his a few years back, and that she appeared "normal" at the time. But, he may or may not have written a 2004 letter on Svechina's behalf to help her get a visa.

But get this: In voicemails, emails to Pincus, and posts to her blog (if you want to get a real taste of crazy, click that link), Svechina says Zynga was her family's idea, that the Google cofounders killed her father, and that Pincus's children are "ugly babies." The blog also has a bunch of photos of Steve Jobs, Svechina herself, and others with a bunch of batshit text in various colors and sizes (including a photo of the Apple store in midtown Manhattan, built several years ago, with the caption "photo from 1973"). Also, in May of last year, Svechina walked into the Mountain View Police Department claiming Google was sending messages to her brain. They had her committed for 72 hours.

Anyhow, we feel for Pincus. But at least he's not getting his life threatened by some crazy guy from the gym.