Oakland activist Naomi Pitcairn and a gaggle of friends attended a fundraising lunch with President Obama at the St. Regis today, paying a total of $76,000 (funded by Pitcairn) for their seats in order to sing an a capella ditty at the President that seems to be called "We Paid Our Dues, Now Where's Our Change?" Pitcairn revealed, in the middle of the song, a t-shirt she was wearing under her clothes protesting the imprisonment of Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Her group included UC Santa Cruz art professor Elizabeth Stephens; songwriter Craig Casey; activist Jane Sullivan of Santa Cruz; writer Greg Archer; David Schiller of Berkeley; and organizers from Tony's Circus, a performance group. They promise this is the first of more "lively 'performance art' protests by liberals regarding the Obama administration." Their collective cause: The Fresh Juice Party, which is hoping for the "Free Flowing of Sweet Goodness in Government," and smoothies may in fact be involved.

The Chron has a video, with the completely atonal audio, and shortly after singing their song President Obama complimented their voices, they were ejected by security, and Obama went on with his stump speech to the likes of Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Willie Brown, and Gavin Newsom.

Pitcairn says she was happy to shell out the dollars -- which will all go to help Obama be reelected -- because of her dire concerns for Manning, who has been in solitary confinement since last May.

Update: Here's Naomi's Facebook page, and some of her photographic work. Also, here's the Washington Post's take on the incident.

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