Not the actual Bridge itself, mind you, but the GGB Highway and Transportation District will be considering a 10 mph speed limit for cyclists this coming Thursday. According to Bay City News, if the plan goes through CHP will be enforcing the speed limit which would carry a $100 fine for violators. While this potential throttling of cyclists is intended to cut down on the number of bike-related accidents on the bridge, it comes just before a retrofit project is set to close the bikes-only western sidewalk (where the majority of accidents occur). When the four-month project begins on May 9th the 6,000 bikers and 10,000 walkers who use the bridge on a busy weekend day will be forced to share the eastern sidewalk, meaning it'll probably be best to avoid strolling over the bridge anytime until the end of August.

Over on the Examiner, various types of cyclists weigh in: customers of Blazing Saddles (read: tourists on bikes) often complain about being "harassed for moving too slow or being in the way" according to the Bike Rental chain's owner, who commutes to work from Mill Valley by bike. On the other hand, the director of a local cycling team agrees the speed limit is a smart move, but thinks the 10 mph limit (which drops to 5 mph near the blind corners around the bridge towers) is too slow for his tastes.