At what we thought would be the Eagle Taven's final beer bust yesterday, we were surprised to hear that, instead of 4/29, the SoMa leather bar's new tentative closing date would be at the end of May. Possibly later this year. An Eagle "official" announced the news on the patio stage, later confirmed to us by a frisky bartender. What does that mean for you? Well, you now have a few more beer busts to savor before the local institution closes its doors forever. (Eagle beer busts include, among other things, free BBQ, bottomless beer for a scant $10, the occasional public oral sex act, a sea of super friendly men, and all the second-hand marijuana smoke you can handle. Highly recommended.)

Both D6 Supervisor Jane Kim and D8 Supervisor Scott Wiener made cameo appearances on Sunday. SFist spoke with bar manager Ron Hennis today who told us, "Kim and Wiener have been fantastic, a huge help." He went on to say that the bar "has the city behind us [and] the Board of Supervisors are working with us, trying to get ahold of the landlord who won't respond to anyone" regarding the bar's impending sale.

When asked where the Eagle's official closing date now stands, Hennis explained, "we'll be open in May, but we're hoping [to remain open] all summer."

As far as buying the bar, which Hennis had planned on doing earlier this year, "any negotiations would have to involve the Board of Supervisors."