Gary Plummer, the former 49ers linebacker and KNBR color commentator for the past 13 seasons was recently let go from his radio station gig under some pretty vague circumstances. While the Niners' director of broadcasting insists Plummer wasn't fired for his vocal criticism of the team (which got even louder after the last season), Plummer has confirmed to the San Jose Mercury News that he got the boot for some racy comments he made to a San Jose-based sex-advice podcast back in February.

On the Lady Brain podcast, which also went out over the airwaves down in the South Bay, Plummer discussed such titillating topics as: the time he taught his older brother how to orally please a woman, his very average penis size, his open marriage and how the Niners staff used to corral ladies from the crowd for the players' sexual benefit. Oh and one detailed story of a teammate on the receiving end of quickie BJ behind a team bus loaded with family members. Basically everything that made ESPN's Playmakers so good before the NFL forced that show off the air.

While the offending episode of Lady Brain has been removed, the kind folks at Deadspin have uploaded a significant portion of it for your listening pleasure. Headphones highly recommended.