Have you put down money on YBCA's Dream House raffle? Call us crazy, but dream houses are tedious: all those supernumerary rooms one must fill with furniture (that’s a lot of curb-salvaging), all that space and no maid. Let us imagine a world where we get real about what we want from the place we call home. San Francisco, it's time for the Reality House Raffle.


This beige beauty far from the noise of the city has it all: a roof, windows, walls. We can see by the look on your face that you’re entranced, or maybe it’s just that you can’t figure out which ecru edifice we’re talking about. Let’s go inside, shall we?


Just look at that bathroom. Just look at it. Stunning. Lots of storage for the bikes you’ll require since you can’t depend on Muni, and probably won’t be able to afford a car after paying property taxes.


Designer details like “granite” laminate countertops, and sleek window treatments.
But don’t you just wonder what’s hiding behind those blinds?


Breathtaking vistas and limitless fog. Especially breathtaking if you’re biking to and from downtown: forget that gym membership!

Recently highlighted in the New York Times for its “bleak buzz,” you can call this Sunset stunner yours--if only in your dreams. Until we clear up the legality of auctioning off a home we don’t own, perhaps we’ll start with this nice refrigerator box we found over the weekend.

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