SFist commenter Mike informed us that, after SFist posted this article about an Obama supporter allegedly beaten on Monday for his left-leaning ways, said supporter wasn't all he seemed. The nerve. Mike proudly writes, "As misreported by KCBS, the SF Examiner, SFWeekly, and SFist, here are the Larouche cultists who set up shop outside the Buena Vista Bank of America branch and trolled some girl into ripping up their sign. Shockingly, they called the cops and managed to spin the story as an assault on an Obama supporter. Touché, guys, touché."

He even has video to boot! Nice. Also, more. Update: The Examiner has further updated their reportage as well. Too bad we couldn't all be there, wandering Fell Street, at the same time! And too bad the SFPD had no helpful information for us, despite our having contacted them. Anyway, we thought the whole Obama-supporters-setting-up-a-table-on-Fell-Street sounded a little funny. It's a triumph of the internet. Thanks everyone.