A couple months back, a group of die hard Giants fans put together a scheme to rub our favorite rallying cry right in the faces of Dodger fans: by flying a "BEAT L.A." banner over Dodger Stadium during L.A.'s home opener against our own World Champions. Today on the Examiner, the group known as the Faithful Supporters of The World Champion San Francisco Giants has announced they've raised the necessary $8,000 in funds to hire a pilot to tow the banner over Chavez Ravine for Thursday, Friday and Saturday's games. So if you're in enemy territory for the game, be sure to snag a photo. Pix msg it to your LA friends. Instagram it with a cool vignette or something. Just be sure to heckle the Dodgers plenty.

The group, who provoked the ire of Dodger fans on the LA Weekly before the project even took off, also told the Examiner they're remaining anonymous so they can share the glory with all San Francisco Giants Fans. Still anonymous or not, Fuck Yeah Shut Up Inc. managed to pull in some high-profile donations like a cool $100 from former supervisor and current candidate for Mayor, Michela Alioto-Pier.

Meanwhile, the LA Times Dodger Blog thinks the classy fans down South will manage to wait until at least the second inning before unleashing "their first brain-dead 'Giants suck' chant."

UPDATE: As a couple commenters pointed out, the message has been updated to make sure the Angelenos know who it's from. We kind of liked the succinct "BEAT LA" and figured the Giants Fans part would be kind of obvious, but there you go. Send photos, traveling fans!

Scratch all that - turns out there will actually be two (two!) banners flying over Chavez Ravine today: One reading "Beat LA" and paid for by the online fundraising drive mentioned in the Examiner. The second banner will really drive the point home with the message: "DODGERS STILL SUCK~FROM SF CHAMPS FANS" and is funded by Hank in Long Beach, one of the Giants faithful in exodus down South. More on Hank's banner from SJ Mercury News.

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