Every week our friends at the Tenderloin Geographic Society explore some lesser-known aspect of San Francisco city life. This week our topic of interest is the future. Specifically: how can we learn more about it? San Francisco is well-known for having a psychic on every block and our very own fortune cookie factory, but where else can we turn to find out our fate? (Note: for entertainment purposes only.)

By The Tenderloin Geographic Society:

Between all the astronomical ju-ju inspired by the Super Moon and Uranus [Ed. note: snicker], it's surprising that any of us can get work done around here. But this kind of talk makes us sound like San Franciscans of last week's vintage. We wonder, isn't there a better way to determine archetypal moods and personality traits without resorting to the endemic rot that one spews when discussing the Music of the Spheres? Perhaps something less celestial and a little more grounded. Like, what does your dry cleaner say about you? Chances are this will be as arbitrary as a fortune cookie's tidings, so let's flip through the photos and see what your dirty laundry says about you as a person.

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