Three alleged white supremacists, Robert Allen, 38, Anthony Weston, 32, and Justin Meskan, 29, were arraigned yesterday in connection with a suspected hate crime attack on two Mexican nationals outside an O'Farrell Street bar in the Tenderloin in November. The three assailants, along with two others who are still at large, reportedly yelled "white power" and other racial slurs as they allegedly punched and kicked one victim in the face until he blacked out. They then attacked the second victim when he tried to help.

District Attorney George Gascon held a press conference yesterday warning the public about the apparent increase in white supremacist activity in the city, which he says is mostly coming from people living outside of San Francisco. The alleged assailants are suspected in several other hate crimes, and there are likely many other incidents that haven't been reported. The FBI and Secret Service are currently assisting SFPD in an ongoing investigation.

Gascon urges other victims of hate crimes to come forward and help with the investigation, regardless of immigration status, which isn't relevant to the case.