The mentally unstable guy who stormed a Corte Madera Bank of America on Monday, waving around a pellet gun, raving about unfair bank practices, and holding nine people hostage for six hours, has been charged with burglary and false imprisonment.

As the Examiner reports, "Anthony Lee made his first court appearance on Wednesday, two days after authorities say he took over a Corte Madera Bank of America with a replica handgun and manifesto that included a call to change capitalism." Lee did not enter a plea, and it seems clear his fitness to stand trial will be the first issue at hand.

Lee said he believed capitalism was destroying this country (a sentiment that plenty of perfectly sane San Franciscans and Berkeleyites would support), and he demanded to speak to the CEO of the bank. Eventually they did get someone on the phone from the bank's higher-ups to satisfy Lee, before the standoff ended, but we don't believe it was the CEO.