Mrsfuentes707, the aunt of the Windsor high school student who survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, chimed in today to defend her young relative. Prickly comments about her injured nephew promoted the following please and sage advice:

Are you kidding me right now! This is my nephew & yes it was a very dumb thing to do he is 16 it was an irrational decision very dumb but how dare you to say those things that's someones child that needs prayers for many reasons not criticisms! You are no better than the bullies who cause real hurt & trauma or the young ones who egg on this type of behavior!


I don't understand it I have kids on top of this boy being my nephew. No matter how horribly stupid this was we are praying & thankful he is alive. His father & the woman who cares for him as a mother are in shock that he is alive & not planning his funeral. I'm not excusing his actions in any way but whether family or someone else's child my prayers would go out before criticism compassion is something that the human race lacks today. He is a very big hearted warm loving boy who does very well in school & made a very dumb stunt on impulse but have compassion for what the family is already going through. The world is already an awful place.

We wish Mrsfuentes707, her nephew and her entire family a speedy recovery.