The suburbs are getting gruesome this week as we learn the tale of Evelyn Smith of Novato, who might have possibly murdered her husband Dale (age 75) and buried him under some brick pavers in her yard. A neighbor, Rebecca Smith (no relation) called police after she became concerned after not seeing Dale puttering around the yard for several months. She asked Evelyn, with whom she says she always got along "swimmingly," about Dale's wherabouts but always got unsatisfying answers, like that he was off on a fishing trip that never seemed to end. "It just got to the point that I couldn't not think about it," she tells the Marin IJ, so she had to call the cops. They asked to search the property, and ended up finding a body buried there, who's presumed to be Dale. Evelyn has not been placed under arrest, but has hired lawyers.

Says another neighbor, Melitta Walker, "Evelyn, she's a little off, but I don't think she would ever hurt anyone." The theory among the neighbors and being floated by Evelyn's lawyers is that Dale might have died of natural causes (he had esophageal cancer and congestive heart disease) and that Evelyn simply didn't know how to appropriately respond. Could she have buried him herself in the backyard because that's where he liked to hang out and then lived in denial about it for six months? Craaazy. Below, Novato police hold a press conference at the scene, and ABC's coverage.