A massive brawl involving 180 people broke out last night at Kitty’s in Emeryville that sprawled out into the streets. Supposedly Kitty’s is known as a place where fights break out—one Yelper said , “Way past time for the city to shut this place down before someone gets killed."

When the cops showed up, the crowd turned on them, throwing bottles at them and even punching one officer in the face. Three in total were assualted and one suffered injuries. Only two people were arrested even though people allegedly were weilding knives and guns, not just fists and bottles.

They called in California Highway Patrol and Berkeley’s campus police (not sure how helpful campus cops are, but maybe they have experience with this kind of thing policing frat boys.) They did get the crowd under control in twenty minutes—just in time for last call.

(by Justine Sharrock)