The temperature in Houston today is 25°. With wind chill, the temperature in Denver tonight will plunge to -11°. Once again, Connecticut is being hit with a massive and depressing ice storm. But in the Mission, at this very moment, the sun is shining, there's not a cloud in the sky and people are walking around in short sleeves showing off their ironic tattoos. Take that, rest of the country!

But alas, you can't take full advantage of San Francisco's sudden snap of unseasonable warmth because Zeitgeist, the best bar in the city for soaking up the sun, is temporarily closed for a much needed renovation. The main part of the construction is focused on expanding the indoor bathrooms to replace the current setup of outdoor portable toilets. As anyone else who shares our irrational fear of tripping en route into a Port-a-Potty and getting our head stuck, face down, in the toilet can attest, this is a very welcome addition. Hopefully, the renovation will, as Esquire Magazine aptly put it in its entry on the bar in its Best Bars in America feature, keep the bar looking “like a double-wide decorated in beer signs and bumper stickers.”