Reinforcing the public's perception of the Board of Supervisors as a group of whiny liberal high school kids who go to battle, and occasionally try to one-up each other with how forward-thinking and/or blasphemous they can be, newly elected District 6 rep Jane Kim has taken a stand against reciting the Pledge of Allegiance that is sure to garner her some nice, negative national press attention. Way to fill Daly's shoes, girl and take on your first important issue as Supervisor -- that is, besides Tenderloin bedbugs.

Kim says the part she has the most problem with is the end, the "liberty and justice for all" part. “I don’t believe we are a nation with liberty and justice for all — yet,” Kim tells the Examiner. “So a lot of my work is motivated by wanting to be a part of achieving that ideal.”

Jane may have a fine point, and she says she prefers other "ways of reminding ourselves of why we love our country," but that of course won't be the part anyone quotes.

Oh, San Francisco. Is reinforcing stereotypes of being in a special liberal land all our own really going to help us change the world someday? We sure hope so.