Do you remember Steve Fowler? Surely, you must. Back in 2008, he appeared on ABC's repugnant Wife Swap, a family show that mocks the institution of marriage by swapping titular spouses of two couples, with disastrous results. What happened, exactly? Infamously, Fowler slammed his temporary Missouri wife as "a dumb redneck," saying she was "undereducated, over-opinionated and overweight." It was pretty bad. Very painful to watch. She cried. Viewers steamed. It was depressing.

Oh, and adding insult to injury, it all went down in Noe Valley, the city's most unfairly maligned neighborhood.

Although Fowler claims that he was "hamming it up" for the camera, his lack of media comprehension (a typical San Francisco trait if there ever was one) hit him back, hitting him hard. The national media picked up on the story, people were outraged, and the internet ignited. As C.W. Nevius notes in today's interview with the former reality TV pawn, "his house was egged, his phone numbers were published and he lost his job."

Now, amid the rubble of his life, he teaches at one of the city's most pristine private school, University of San Francisco.

Recently, Fowler began teaching a class at the University of San Francisco. He struggled with the idea of how to introduce himself. He knew that at least half the class would know about "Wife Swap," so he didn't feel like he could ignore it. Finally, he decided to just come out with it.

"The whole class just gasped," he said. "But this one girl just laughed her head off. She thought it was so funny."

This, of course, begs the question: What is Fowler teaching? is asking that today. Whatever it is, we can only assume it has nothing to do with media studies.