City Assessor and Mayoral Candidate Phil Ting wasn't too keen on MTA's plan to increase the number of parking tickets they hand out this year. So he did what every reasonable person who wants to see some change in the city government would do - he launched an online petition on his site for people who agree with him that "more parking tickets are one of the worst ways to close the budget gap". Not exactly a transit-first policy from a guy hoping to get a nicer desk in City Hall.

Over on CBS5, they're even calling the 2,000-plus supporters of Ting's petition a "revolt" against the $55 and $65 (depending on the neighborhood) tickets for expired meters. Ting himself explains that the city should "should find more honest, straightforward ways to raise revenue." Funny, we thought a meter with a timer telling you how long you can leave your car in a space before you get a ticket seemed pretty straightforward?