Scoring a major coup for the gay agenda, new Apple boss (and future CEO if Steve Jobs never returns from his medical leave of absence) COO Tim Cook will mark "a new era not only for Apple but for gay progress."

Valleywag tackles Cook's private life thusly:

Romantic interests: After Cook was profiled as a "lifelong bachelor" and "intensely private" elsewhere, we wondered if he might be gay. We've since heard from two well-placed sources that this is indeed the case, and it sounds like Cook's sexual orientation has been the topic of at least some discussion within the company. One tech executive who has spoken to multiple Apple management veterans about Cook was told executives there would support Cook if he publicly acknowledged his orientation, and even would encourage him to do so as he steps up his leadership role, but that they also had concerns about whether his coming out would impact the perception of the Apple brand.

He's also a huge fan of energy bars, Lance Armstrong, fitness, and football.

Cook's ascension would make him not only the most powerful gay man in Silicon Valley, but the most powerful man in Silicon Valley, period.